2015. július 29., szerda

Eredmények - BMC a hazai korai fejlesztésben

2 év – 3 terapeuta – 70 műhely alkalom – 160 találkozás a gyerekekkel
2 years – 3 therapyst – 70 lab events – 160 meeting with children

"Azt hiszem végül minden utazásunk tapasztalatainak, élményeinek gyakorlótere, bizonyos szempontból középpontja az általunk lab-nak elnevezett csoport lett. A lab a Budapesti Korai Fejlesztő Központban működő, súlyosan, halmozottan sérült gyermekek óvodájában jöhetett létre és bár a projekt két éve most lezárul, de csapatunk folytatja tevékenységét [...]"

Szűcs Sándor gyógytornász írása a projekt zárásakor
itt olvasható.

Az első évet követő visszatekintés pedig itt olvasható

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"As I look at our group now under the name Lab I see it became the practice scene or center from a point of view of all experience we went through in each journey. The Lab was able to work at the kindergarten department for children with severe multiple disabilities of Budapest Early Intervention Center and will continue existing after the closure of the Project [...]"

Re-view from Sándor Szűcs: here

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Applying principles of BMC® Infant Developmental Movement Education is a new area in the ArtMan activities. Inspired by SPARKS and supported by Budapest Early Intervention Centre Ildikó Bóta, Sándor Szűcs and Ferenc Kálmán have worked together with clients of the department for children with severe multiple disabilities on a weekly base during the two years of the project. They have studied and explored BMC® approach with a focus to integrating the new specific BMC® information with their previous experiences and educational background. During the two years of SPARKS we had about 70 lab events engaging children in cca 160 sessions. The Lab has been completed with a subproject of Bernadett to document the sessions for further processing and use in future educational programs. We’ve opened this lab for professional visitors as well as parents and also the staff of the department to share the out-coming new ideas, models and good practices. As an appreciation of SPARKS more somatic events will start and BMC® will be included in the official pedagogy program of Budapest Early Intervention Center from 2015 fall: Sándor and Ferenc will start a parent and child group with movement development focus from September and Ildikó will join the staff of department for infants with severe multiple disabilities. She’s got a commission to develop new therapeutic forms and educate other team members while the SPARKS Lab will be also continued in a double time frame than before.

Sándor: ”…it’s been indeed a good set up that all of us arrived from different however partially similar areas of care. Our backgrounds are different and we look at the same process with different eyes, and approach. We address many questions to each other and we search for answer together.”

”Body-Mind Centering for me is a space free for asking my questions with a hope also to get answers sooner or later.”

”Body-Mind Centering is an approach intends to protect the person, not only the child but the adults connected and taking care as well. This work deals with issues to deepen relationships to open the interest. It requires patience and humility, much attention and focusing but offers answers and a lot of joy as a return.”

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