2014. február 10., hétfő

Interview with Anka Sedlačková

Gloria Desideri (I) beszélgetett Anka Sedlačková-val (SK)
[Anka, egy foglalkozás során, a Babyfit-ben]

Gloria: First of all thank you very much, Anka, for this time… I’ve been wanting to interview you for years, and now it is finally happening, just right at the end of our first SPARKS meeting, here in Bratislava. I’ve been always curious about the history of Babyfit and even more now that we are partners in this European project. So, to begin with, how did it all start and when?
Anka: It has been actually 10 years since I offered the first baby class. Upon my return from the States, after a BMC® developmental movement course (BNP) in 2002, I really felt that I wanted to share this work with other mothers. This was way before attending the IDME Program, that I knew I was going to do in order to really follow my interests, but that I could complete only in 2006, in Germany.
A teljes interjú itt olvasható

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